The Company

founded in 2000 as a sole proprietorship and become valentini group srl in 2009.
Is currently one of the major business realities that takes care of the finish and continuous coating of decorative paper in rolls for the market of furniture in general.
Currently operates two plants, a potting and painting matte / glossy production capacity of 37 m / min with a maximum working height of 1300 mm and a strictly used for finishes and custom color mixing system with an advanced tintometrico


All our products are tested as the European regulations require all vertical products.
The tests that are performed continuously are:
•    UNI EN 15187
•    UNI 9427/89
•    UNI 933/88 FA 276/89
•    UNI 9428/29  
•    UNI EN 12720
•    UNI EN 12722/97

Each production is continuously monitored by a trained team that constantly monitors gloss finish etc., thus ensuring a high standard of quality.